4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Join our Wiffle Ball Tournament

It's Monday morning. One of two scenarios is playing out as your workers walk through the door: groans and disinterested looks or positive, focused exchanges. Whether your team works collaboratively or separately - building camaraderie and a sense of fun in the office can help you turn Monday morning into less of a bummer - which is exactly why we put together this list of reasons why joining our Wiffle Ball tournament can help you get there.

1. Employees that enjoy working for a company sell its products better

If employees believe in the company selling the product, they can sell it too. It's fairly straight forward. But there's a bit more nuance to this in the sense that if they enjoy the company they work for, they stick around longer and understand the company better! Investing some time and effort into fun activities can help save on training costs since you are retaining workforce and save on recruitment costs because you have a specific day to put together collateral about what it is like to work for your company!

2. Make a statement

Covering the costs of an employee sports team shows that your company truly cares for their employees and are willing to invest in their health and work/life balance! It is a great way to show employees that you see them for beyond just their work output.

3. Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Teams in the office may not be the same team on the field. Reintroduce your staff in a new way, in new roles, while playing a sport! Your employees will know each other's communication styles, personalities, and interests by the end of the day! Debriefing after the tournament can help you implement new communication strategies that may serve your team's strength's better.

4. Activities connect people better than happy hours

Ron Friedman PhD, an award-winning psychologist who specializes in human motivation, wrote that happy hours and cocktail parties are better than no activities, but they place all the pressure on social interaction, which for some people is a tall order - especially for introverted workers. Sports enables workers to interact in a way with less pressure and communicate beyond just small talk. Collaborating as a team will also help those same introverts connect more with the rest of your workforce and speak more freely going forward!

Are you ready to play? Enter the bracket here.

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