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We are one of Sacramento’s most respected and requested Catering and Event Planning companies. Serving the greater Sacramento Valley, we have been offering quality food and service for over 15 years. Our experienced staff is available to help plan, organize and coordinate events grand to intimate. We take pride in our food, service, and the personal experience we offer.




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882 El Camino Ave Sacramento, CA 95815

Chance's Chicken

Chance’s Chicken is a new catering business located in Sacramento, California that specializes in great tasting comfort food. The cuisine showcases cast-iron fried seasoned whole jumbo chicken wings, breasts, catfish and gluten-free soy-glazed thighs accompanied by a variety of side dishes including macaroni and cheese, baked beans, collard greens, broccoli, sweet honey cornbread, and seasonal desserts.




Food and Beverage, Catering

Sacramento, CA

Gekkeikan Sake U.S.A Inc.

Japan’s tradition of sake making began more than 2,000 years ago shortly after rice cultivation was introduced from China. Though the first few centuries yielded a beverage quite unlike that of today, years of experience perfected brewing techniques and increased sake’s overall appeal and popularity. In 1637, Gekkeikan’s founder, Jiemon Okura established his sake brewery in the town of Fushimi, a location well-known for its high quality of water. Access to the ideal ingredients combined with a convenient location enabled Okura and his successors’ business to thrive in the years that followed. In 1905, the brand name GEKKEIKAN (meaning “crown of laurel”) was adopted as the company’s formal pledge to excellence. Through this commitment, the company became a true leader in the industry and pioneered a number of research and development efforts. The successful results of these endeavors have enabled Gekkeikan to become the nation’s one of the most popular brand.




Alcohol Manufacturer

1136 Sibley Street, Folsom, CA 95630, USA



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