The Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce (SACC),in partnership with the City of Sacramento and Sierra Health Foundation’s Donate4Sacramento initiative, which is currently raising funds for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, will facilitate the distribution of $1,000 grants to selected small businesses located on seven aging corridors within the City of Sacramento.


The seven commercial corridors are identified through their participation in the Sacramento Inclusive Economic Development Collaborative (Sac IEDC). The Sac IEDC is a cohort of Sacramento’s ethnic chambers, the Metro Chamber and seven Property and Business Improvement Districts (PBID), serving in in the City of Sacramento’s urban corridors. The seven PBIDs are as follows:

  • Florin Road Partnership

  • Mack Road Partnership

  • Stockton Boulevard Partnership

  • Franklin Boulevard Business District

  • Oak Park Business District

  • Power Inn Alliance

  • Del Paso Boulevard Partnership

Each of the seven districts will have seven businesses on their respective corridors be awarded a $1,000 grant from the Donate4Sacramento fund.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Business must be a minority-owned business residing on one of the seven identified urban corridors and must be at least 51% minority-owned.

  • Business must be a bricks-and-mortar establishment serving the needs of the community, based in the one of defined PBID’s geographical boundaries.

  • Business must have annual revenue of $500,000 or less.

  • Business must use the grant money for direct costs (i.e. payroll, rent, utilities, or essential supplies)

  • Must be a legal entity as defined by the State of California.

Selection Process

  • Property Business Improvement Districts (PBID) will accept requests and then nominate businesses on their corridors which meet the eligibility criteria. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE. If your business fits the outlined criteria, please email your PBID office to be considered.

  • The list of eligible nominees will be vetted and approved by the Sac IEDC committee members and will be awarded, based on eligibility and availability of funds.

  • Once identified, business recipients will be notified of their $1,000 grant award.

  • Selected businesses will be asked to validate eligibility criteria, as requested.

As an ethnic chamber, the SACC strives to ensure that access to resources and economic opportunities are inclusive of all of our diverse communities. The need for a collective voice for some of our most vulnerable communities led to the creation of the Sac IEDC. 


The mission of the Sac IEDC is to ensure that diverse businesses residing on our aging urban corridors are able to take full advantage of the economic opportunities Sacramento has to offer. Sac IEDC has been working with the City of Sacramento and Sierra Health Foundation since February 2019 with member organizations representing business communities that face additional obstacles because they are located on corridors that are historically overlooked and largely underrepresented.

Sac IEDC Members:

For more funding options, please complete this form to connect with loan specialists from the SACC’s Small Business Triage Program team here.

List of Small Business Awardees

  1. 524 Mexican Restaurant

  2. 605 Event Studio and Courtney’s Creations and Events


  4. ABC Tile

  5. Abrosia Fine Food

  6. Acme Tops and Tunes

  7. Agave Mexican

  8. AJF

  9. Alonzos

  10. Ambrosia Fine Foods

  11. American Thrift

  12. Angel Nails

  13. Annie's Hair & Nails

  14. Aro Natural

  15. Arrow Rentals

  16. Asante Catering

  17. Asian Brothers Brewing Company

  18. Bakers Donuts

  19. Bamboo Noodle House

  20. BEST Cleaners

  21. Big Hog Battery

  22. Big Idea Theatre

  23. Bodhi Bowl Restaurant

  24. Boon Boon Cafe

  25. Box Brothers

  26. Brickhouse Gallery and Art Complex

  27. Butt3rmilk Café

  28. Caballo Blanco

  29. Cafe Colonial

  30. Carniceria Mis Amigos

  31. Carol's Books

  32. Casa Bella Galleria

  33. CDK Relocation Services

  34. Cecil & Cecil Enterprises

  35. Choco's Tacos

  36. CK Donuts

  37. Classy Hippie Tea

  38. Clear Graphics

  39. Codo Deli

  40. Colo's Sout Food & Seafood

  41. Cơm Tấm Thiên Hương

  42. Customize It

  43. Cut By Ely

  44. D&S Shoes

  45. Dat Thanh Restaurant

  46. Dawa Terriyaki

  47. Diez Tax Service

  48. Display

  49. Donuts & Coffee

  50. D's Smokin Pit

  51. El Nuevo Bukanas

  52. El Triunfo Shoe Repair

  53. Engine Planet

  54. Evergreen Salon

  55. Express Graphics

  56. Falafel & Shawarma Planet

  57. Five Starr Fades

  58. Flowers

  59. Flying Wok

  60. Food Junction

  61. Gael y Zoe

  62. Gelly Alterations

  63. Glam by Lex

  64. GN Indian Fashion

  65. Happy Takeout

  66. Haveli Grill

  67. Imagic Nails

  68. In Style

  69. Jeffrey Leung Insurance Services

  70. Jimboys Taco

  71. Jimmy's Soul Food and Hmong Mkt

  72. Kids Club Martial

  73. King Cong Brewing Co.

  74. King Palace

  75. Kings & Queens Unisex Salon

  76. Kings Kraft Kayak

  77. La Mex Taqueria

  78. La Vendita

  79. LaBou Café

  80. Lao Market

  81. Las Cachanillas Restaurant

  82. Las Palmas

  83. Latin Motion & Lighting Services

  84. Level Up Nutrition

  85. Lifetime Motors

  86. Lola's Laundry

  87. Lollibowl

  88. Long Chang

  89. Longsandwhich & Restaurant

  90. Los 3 Potrillos Western Wear

  91. Lucy's Hair Salon

  92. Luigi's Pizza

  93. Ma Sarap Food Truck

  94. Mari's Toys

  95. Marks Kutz

  96. Maya Restaurant

  97. Mega Success Insurance

  98. Mi Cheng Coffee Cart

  99. Mi Jardin

  100. Miel Apothocary

  101. Mimi & Company Linens

  102. MT Nail Salon

  103. Nails the Luxe

  104. Nectar

  105. Noriega Mobile Diesel

  106. Northside Bar + Grill

  107. Oba Kitchen

  108. One Stop

  109. Oxford Street

  110. Panaderia La Jerezana

  111. Panda Wok

  112. Paquitas Mexican

  113. Patong Beach

  114. Patris Studio and Gallery

  115. Pegasus Bakery

  116. Pelagio's Hair Salon

  117. Pho Anh

  118. Pho Bac Hoa Viet

  119. Pho Bolsa Restaurant

  120. Pho King

  121. Pitt's Stop

  122. Plant Foundry

  123. Pop-9 Communications

  124. Premium Tires and Auto

  125. Pro Onsite Inc.

  126. ProCity Fitness

  127. Protégé Arts and Barbers

  128. R.K. Fashion

  129. Rare Barbershop

  130. REGA Gymnastics

  131. Robin Cemone Styles

  132. Rock Mama Gallery

  133. Rodeo Wear

  134. Sacramento Piano Conservatory/School of Music

  135. Sactown Nails*

  136. Sammy's Restaurant

  137. Sarom's Soul Kitchen

  138. Schiff's Estate Sale Building

  139. Shear Glamour Salon

  140. Sheetal Fashion

  141. Shift Coffee House

  142. Siam Thai

  143. Skyline Scaffold

  144. Son of a Bean

  145. Sophie's Boutique

  146. South Villa Restaurant

  147. Spice of Life

  148. Starbread Bakery

  149. Strapping

  150. Stylistic Shoes

  151. Su Van Pure Water and Drinks

  152. Sunshine Beauty Supply

  153. Super Wash & Dry

  154. Sydney Le Beauty

  155. T&R BBQ

  156. T4

  157. Tacos La Tortilleria

  158. Thai Issan

  159. That Guy Eyewear

  160. The Honey Throne

  161. The Spot

  162. Today's Clothing

  163. Tortas Chilangas

  164. Transparent Auto Detail

  165. Trees of Knowledge

  166. Underground Books

  167. UpCycle Pop

  168. Uptown Ballroom

  169. Walsh Station Automotive Service

  170. Wellness Pharmacy

  171. Wonder Café

  172. World Class Faders

  173. Yang's Noodle

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