The goal of the JumpStart 21 program  is to bolster the Capital Region economy by diffusing the necessary skills and appropriate knowledge that ultimately assists local high school students’ understanding of the complexities within a workplace, to inspire participants to engage in community efforts, and to maintain employment with small-to-medium sized enterprises. In order to achieve this goal, SacAsian is partnering with a number of workforce development, workforce investments boards, along with a variety of STEM associated trade and industry groups, local economic developers and SACC MOU partners in communicating to and recruiting both recent graduates for the JS21program.

The JS21 program will also house a mentoring component that will be provided by the chamber. This leadership program takes 10 identified high school students and immerses them in a 8 week leadership program that transitions these students with a potential of being leaders to managers. As part of the leadership program, a mentoring component will be established as a requirement of graduation tied directly to the JS21 program. Each high school student that enters into the JS21 boot camp will have the opportunity to be paired with a company or community organization aimed for students to refine and apply their skills. We believe that this mentorship will be an invaluable part of the program as the young students who are interested in business and community engagement are given real – life skills and experience as they embark on their internships with small businesses and community organizations.

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