Megami Bento-Ya Restaurant

The first time I stepped into Megami, it felt like home. I was able to have a conversation and appreciate the little things inside the restaurant. Little things such as the mounted samurai sword, lucky charm cat statue, and the warm greetings from the employee’s faces. Not only was this a good place to have a conversation, but when I realized how inexpensive and good the food was; I was hooked.

Established in 1976, Megami is a family-owned restaurant with quality Japanese food. Located on 1010 10th Street and open Monday thru Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Megami caters to a wide array of customers, usually locals. The goal of Megami is to serve the community with home-style cooking that Mama Honda had when she was growing up in Japan.

Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce (SACC) visited Megami this week and here are some pictures:


Left: Alan Honda (Sushi Chef and owner)

Right: Garrick Wong (Marketing and Communication at SACC)




“Never have I ever tried sushi with almonds,” says Wong.”I was surprised by the degree of flavor and texture presented in the roll.”




Here are the my top three favorites that you should try the next time you drop by Megami restaurant!


1) Sesame Chicken. Fresh chicken is used daily, then lightly breaded and served with the signature-homemade Megami sauce. The savory sauce has a hint of tomato and apple to it. This meal will go perfectly with a bowl of rice. Wash it down with the wide selection of drinks offered at Megami!


2) Ju-Gatsu. Japanese for “October,” Ju-Gatsu is a unique roll that Megami offers. The roll has a combination of snow crab, seaweed salad, masago, fresh salmon, and thinly sliced lemons. The October Roll caught me off guard because of the lemon slice. The refreshing taste of this roll will make you want more.


3) Blue Diamond Head. Featuring tuna, avocado, and eel. This roll has a savory taste with a unique texture. The Unagi or (Eel) compliments the rice very well. In addition, the roll is sprinkled with Blue Diamond Almonds, which gives it a good crunch.



The next time you are around City Hall, State Capitol, or the Crest Theater, make sure to visit Megami Bento-Ya Restaurant. A warm welcome, casual setting, and inexpensive food is waiting just for you!

For more information on Megami, visit here.


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