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Meet and Greet Recap with Chief Hahn

Our quarterly Meet and Greets create opportunities for our board members and ambassadors to ask influential leaders questions on behalf of the members they represent. The SACC hosted Sacramento Police Department Chief Daniel Hahn at the chamber office to discuss important issues within Sacramento such as homelessness, community policing, immigration, and cannabis. Chief Hahn revealed that there is a lot of negativity around law enforcement right now and there is an opportunity to change that. It is important for our community to learn about the wide range of experiences that officers face every day – the good, the bad, and the neutral. Two of Chief Hahn’s goals includes building a better relationship with all communities in Sacramento and ensuring that the police department is a great place to work. In order to build a police department with high officer retention rates, there will be efforts to make the officers feel supported, appreciated and like they’re making a difference within their walls and in the community. Chief Hahn would also like to focus on building a better relationship with the community by making all neighborhoods feel that the police department truly represents them and by creating opportunities for cops to interact with the communities. In regards to homelessness, Chief Hahn believes that our community needs to work together and collaborate so that we can act appropriately depending on the situation. With cannabis being a big topic in the recent months, it is important that law enforcement treats issues and the legalization properly. There are over 1,000 illegal grows that the police department must prioritize, enforce, and publicize to dissuade others from continuing to take advantage of the situation. Chief Hahn answered questions in regards to immigration and explained that immigration is a federal level situation so it is important for the community to know what their police department is going to do and where it stands in times of uncertainty. Our community should not be afraid to report disputes with the fear of being deported. He also emphasized the police department’s dedication and duty to serving Sacramento.

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