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I am a Catalyst for…

I am a Catalyst for…mitigating risk and leading with others to establish direction and alignment.



Amie Ichiho

Catalyst Class:

III (2009-2010)

Current Position:

Senior Human Resources Consultant for Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs. I regularly consult and work with regional and local Human Resources Leaders and Federal Officials to ensure the organization is meeting EEO and Affirmative Action regulations.

Position when you began Catalyst:

HR Compliance Manager for the South Sacramento Kaiser Medical Center

What takeaways from Catalyst have helped you grow into becoming the leader you are today?

I entered the program with the intent to grow my leadership skills and network with other successful business people in the Sacramento region. What I received, however, was so much more than that!  The Catalyst program has brought me endless opportunities to grow professionally and personally.  With the support of the Chamber and the Catalyst program, I was able to complete my masters degree in HR Development in 2011 from Drexel University. The program continues to open doors for me to engage and build relations with community leaders, as well as emerging leaders in the region.

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