Dr. Amul Purohit - Ambassador

Drs. Amul and Parul Purohit jointly own Liquid Capital of Northern California, which offers working capital financing to small and medium sized businesses.

Highly trained, Amul is a business leader with over twenty- three years of exceptional management and professional experience. He has supervised staff of 185 with total responsibility for P & L, budgeting, process control and quality improvements; high performance team building, team enhancement, general management, meeting production, and sales goals. Amul has a proven track record in the areas of business improvement and development, sales and marketing, merchandising, quality improvement, transgenic agronomic plant management, sales and production planning, coordinate growing, and production protocols. He is knowledgeable in the areas of, building high performance teams, seed packaging, “deep cool” refrigeration of seeds, quality improvement, P & L analysis and management, computer analysis on manufacturing of nursery plants, space prioritization and optimization, visual aid to build team and improve process control, inventory control, personnel, accounts, sales, marketing and quality purchasing.

Parul has advanced technical degrees and over 30 years of scientific and professional experience including over 9 years of teaching experience. She has co-authored a book chapter, wrote over 10 published papers in peer-reviewed journals in addition to many internal reports and proposals.

Parul also holds the Patent on “Method for the preparation of ZnS/ZnSe laminates using CVD techniques, 1990.”

In addition, Parul has excellent communication skills and has given many presentations and seminars.

Honest and outgoing, Parul and Amul are dedicated to providing highly personalized service to all their clients. When a client of theirs was struggling financially after going through bankruptcy, and wanted to start a distribution business, he was not able to get any help from the SBA or the bank. With financial assistance from Amul and Parul, the client started growing exponentially and after 3 years he became “bankable” and now has expanded his business to 10x his initial volume! Parul and Amul are happy to say that he still keeps in touch and highly values the services they were able to provide.

Amul and Parul are members of the Business International Network, the Asian Chamber of Commerce, the Stockton Builder’s Exchange and the TIE. Always giving back to their community, they volunteer with the American Youth Soccer Association, The India Association of Davis, and Amul as an Election inspector in Yolo County-Precinct 021. Outside of the office, Parul and Amul enjoy hiking, travelling, reading, and music.