Tyler Kearns

Tyler Joseph Kearns is the President of Gold Country Green and owner of SEVENLEAVES Products in Sacramento California. He has over seven years of experience in managing commercial cultivation. Tyler earned a BS Degree in Energy Management and Design and a minor in Business Administration at Sonoma State University. He worked in the commercial solar electric industry in the bay area. Prior to this he worked in the construction industry, framing spec homes in the North Valley. During this time, he raised his own capitol and received construction loans to build and sell his own spec homes. From the solar industry he then chose to adventure into the medical cannabis industry. He has attended various conventions and workshops in Colorado and here in California and has subscriptions to every industry standard publication- which keep him and his employees on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry. Tyler firmly believes for his company and industry to be a success in California. There must be civic engagement and proactive efforts of outreach, education and collaboration, between his company and the civic leaders, business entities, organizations and regulatory agencies of Sacramento.

Sevenleaves is currently operating in the City Limits of Sacramento. The 20,000-square foot facility propagates, cultivates and processes medical cannabis and adult use cannabis for dispensaries all across the State of California. The company has gone through the CUP application process and the BOP process with the City of Sacramento. The company plans on expanding into three other buildings on their property in February of 2018, building a state of the art “destination grow facility,” totaling almost 64,000 square feet of flower canopy under 3 city and states licenses. Sevenleaves is a 100% renewable energy ran business. Sevenleaves is currently undergoing a program with SMUD, studying the incorporation of LED and cloud based lighting and controls of cultivation at the facility. This program and data collection will be complete toward the end of 2017. In January of 2018 Tyler will head to San Antonio for the National Distrutech Conference to present and sit on panel with Jim Parks of SMUD.

In the past, Tyler has had operations in Northern California where he was President of the Humboldt Cannabis Center, which he formed with the legal guidance of ex-district attorney of the County of Humboldt Mr. Paul Gallegos. Tyler built HCC up to operating two nurseries, two indoor cultivation sites, and two farms of approximately 28,000 square feet of greenhouse canopy on his 200 acers of land- all of which were collective patient gardens under the California Prop 215 law and guidelines. Tyler choose to sell the property and move his business to Sacramento where he feels it can be more properly scaled and closer to the legislative workings of his industry and his governmental aspirations.

Tyler is a volunteer fireman in Hawkins Bar, California, where he owns a vacation home where he enjoys fishing, kayaking, reading and no cell phone service. Tyler also developed a “Dummy’s Guide” to California’s “green building” code for the Humboldt County Building Department and the general public. Tyler and his companies are annual platinum sponsors of CASA.

Tyler is a proud Sacramento city resident and loves our city’s food, live theater, Crossfit, philanthropic spirit and the Sacramento Kings.