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Dodgeball 101


Fact #1 – Dodgeball was discovered as early as the 1800s in both Africa and Asia. 



Fact #2 – The original use of dodge ball was used for the purpose of strengthening the endurance of soldiers. However, unlike modern day soft balls, the soldiers in the past used rocks and other harder object for training. Ouch!


Fact #3 Modern day dodgeball is used in both recreational and competitive field.

Dodgeball tip: 

  1. Aim for the best throwers first. You want to get them out, so they don’t eliminate any of your players.
  2. Point at a certain player casually and then throw at a different one. (the pointing can’t be too obvious)
  3. Here’s a neat play called the Statue of Liberty. Hold the ball behind your back, and then have one of your teammates run behind you, grab the ball, and then immediately throw for a shocker.
  4. Another from the play book could be synchronized running where you and a teammate run in a diagonal and cross paths, then throw.
  5. As soon as one of your opponents is hit, aim for another one. There’s that brief moment of time where people are stunned when one of their teammates get hit. It’s a great one-two punch.


1.Wear shoes with good treads, you don’t want to slip, that would be deadly.

2.Avoid wearing clothes that are overly baggy. If the ball hits any part of your clothing, you are out.

3.Bring water bottles, the sport is deceptively tiring. The adrenaline rush alone will wipe you out.

After knowing a little bit more about dodgeball you can put your skills to the test! SACC is hosting its first dodgeball tournament at Sleeptrain Arena. Come out and hone your skills and show what you got! It’s Game On! More information visit here.



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